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Tell us your story about your Wedding in Hawaii. Where did you get married? Who was your Wedding Coordinator or Planner? Which hotel did you stay at? Was it a nice hotel? Did the wedding go smoothly? Did you like your Officiant? How did your wedding photos turn out?

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Written by Shane and Lori on Sep. 5, 2016
Thank you !!! You were so easy to talk to . No hassles at all . We are very excited! I'm sure we will be adding a few upgrades . I will email or call after the weekend!
What a pleasure to have such an easy person to communicate with . We can't thank you enough. Have a wonderful weekend.
Shane and Lori
Written by Aline & Helmut on Sep. 5, 2016
Hi dear Robert!!

Thank u so much for everything yesterday. Helmut and I had such a wonderful day!!
I wanted to ask u if u could send us just ONE picture from the ceremony yesterday, please.
Our families are dying to see it, but we didn't take any.. lol
Thank u!!!
Aline & Helmut
Written by Paul & Samantha on Sep. 1, 2016
Hi Robert,

Huge apologies for our delay in thanking you for the photos. They are great! Thank you for helping us to celebrate our special day.

Kind regards,

Paul and Samantha
Written by Mary on Aug. 13, 2016
Thank you Robert. It's so hard to get a great picture of my boys and I. You did a great job. I'll definitely tell my friends about your service.
Written by Shannon & Bill on Aug. 2, 2016

Thank you for the picture you sent to us in the mail and for the lovely photos of our wedding! It was a magical night!! :)

Shannon and Bill
Written by Christine and Dave on Jul. 20, 2016
Hi Robert,

I received the photos you took of our vow renewal. They look great!

Thank you for taking these pictures on our special day. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for being so kind and having a calming manner about you. That helped us to relax and truly enjoy our ceremony!

Christine and Dave
Written by Barbara & Michael on Jul. 18, 2016
Dear Robert
Thank you for the amazing wedding. Michael and I are very satisfied with the ceremony and everything. You have a amazing team! Was more than I expected.

Barbara & Michael
Written by Denise & David on Jul. 4, 2016
Aloha Robert,

Thank you for organizing and photographing our wedding on Magic Island. You made our special day worry free and beautiful for us, our family and friends.

Christopher, the officiant, was eloquent and gracious and helped guide us smoothly through the ceremony. The ukulele player (I'm sorry, his name slips my mind!) was a wonderful musician and made the service more personal and moving.

The pictures you and your wife took are just breath-taking. We cannot thank you enough for capturing this important moment for us in such beautiful photos. Thank you for your outstanding care and the abundant pictures.
Denise and David
Written by Leila & Hendrik on Jun. 24, 2016
Hi Robert,

thank you a lot for the great pictures - they turned out to be fantastic!
It was also for us a pleasure to have you as our photographer and Kimo as our ceremony master.
A simply perfect day for us.
So far I just had the chance to quickly take a look but within the next days I would then download all of the wedding pics you made.

Thanks again and all the best!

P.S. If you want, please feel free to use some of the pictures for your own marketing purposes. If you could mention our travelsite ( then, we would be very glad :)

All the best Robert!

Leila & Hendrik
Written by Irene and Stephen on Jun. 23, 2016
Hi Robert,
We can't thank you and your team enough for making our day so special and memorable. The photo's are spectacular and AMAZING. Thank you for making our big day extra special.

Irene and Stephen
Written by Jake & Kerri on Jun. 18, 2016
We got married on June 2, 2016 on Waimanalo Beach and used Bridal Dream Hawaii. We are from the Boston area, so we had to plan from afar. I cannot say enough good things about Robert, his family and the Company. Everything was perfect, on-time and executed with complete professionalism. The level of quality from the photographs, to the cake, location, limo, flowers- everything- was top notch! I couldn't think of one thing I would have done differently. Jofrey was our minister and he exceeded all of our expectations as well! I would highly recommend to use Bridal Dream Hawaii and Robert Hamilton if you are planning on a Hawaii dream wedding. Today, we received a framed wedding certificate with our picture from the wedding- completely above and beyond what I was expecting. Thank you to Robert for all his hard work to make our day perfect and super special.
- Jake & Kerri
Written by Kacy & Chad on Jun. 11, 2016

Thank you so much! I can't wait to see the rest of them! It was perfect. Thank you again!

Thank you,
Kacy Nelson
Written by Kerri & Jake on Jun. 9, 2016

Thanks for sending our wedding photos, they're beautiful!!!
I love how you created the souvenir Certificate!

Thanks again, everything was perfect. I couldn't have imagined one detail being any better. You exceeded all our expectations on such a special day. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!

Kerri & Jake
Written by Rekha & Wayne on Jun. 6, 2016
Hello Robert,

Wayne and I wanted to thank you for the pictures and printed photo.
Many thanks! Gorgeous pictures!

We will be creating a photo album shortly and will share when ready.

All the best,

Rekha & Wayne
Written by Todd & Shawna on May. 18, 2016

The photos look amazing. Thank you so much for everything today. Shawna and I are excited to see all the others. We will be giving u a stealer review everywhere we can. Thanks a lot and we truly appreciate it. This was the highlight of our trip!

Todd & Shawna

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07.01 | 18:01

Despite two Condos by the beach, there is very little beach access or parking for non-residents, just a small pathway to get in to the nearly "private" beach.

12.11 | 18:33

Jason & Antonia get married on November 10th with Rev. Rodney officiating, and Photographer Robert shooting photos.

05.11 | 01:57

Jason & Josefina's wedding at Kahala Beach on November 4th, 2012. Photos by ROBERT.

16.10 | 18:19

Kailua Beach gives us wonderful pictures because of the best ocean color. This is a great wedding location to consider for your Hawaii destination.

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