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Here are your stories of how you met, and how you decided to get married. We love to hear all the details. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Written by Robert on Oct. 5, 2012
A friend of mine was entertaining three Japanese girls and decided he wanted a little "help" from one of his male buddies.
We all went out to a Tempura dinner and a movie (Lion King). One of the girls was named "Chie". She was pretty cute!
On a trip to Japan, I decided to look her up and called Telephone Directory. Good thing she had a rare last name!
Though her Aunt used to say she wasn't home whenever a guy called, she thought this must be important if a foreigner called. So we went on a date in Tokyo.
After that she made a point to visit me whenever she came on one of her frequent trips to Hawaii.
Sometimes she would leave her friends that went to Kauai and fly back to see me on Oahu.
Our long-distance international telephone bills were sky high. I figured it was cheaper to get married.
I was right! Our phone bills have gone way down :)
Written by Beth on Oct. 5, 2012
My story started 31 years ago. 31 years ago I met the man I knew that my mom had been praying for.
We met through mutual friends officially but this man had an impact on my life a few years prior when my father passed away. As I stood on the hill saying my final goodbyes to my dad I saw a man in a blue suit parked down the hill and standing beside his car.
My eyes were on this man, not because he was handsome or anything romantic, but because he kept my attention from what was going on around me. I watched him the whole service as to keep my composure and not fall apart.
I did not know this man, had seen him a time or 2 but had no idea who he really was. I told my mom about him and we both agreed he was an angel sent by God to help me cope with the hardest day of my life.
2 years later I was formally introduced to Greg by a friend and I didnt share with him the events of that day but knew that someday he would be my husband. Greg and I met in March, had our first alone date in June and after just 2 weeks he proposed and we were married in October 1981.
Our vow renewal will take place on our 31st wedding anniversary at sunset and it means the world to me that we can share this day after all these years.
Greg Rood, I loved you yesterday, today and every tomorrow we have together!
Beth Rood

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07.01 | 18:01

Despite two Condos by the beach, there is very little beach access or parking for non-residents, just a small pathway to get in to the nearly "private" beach.

12.11 | 18:33

Jason & Antonia get married on November 10th with Rev. Rodney officiating, and Photographer Robert shooting photos.

05.11 | 01:57

Jason & Josefina's wedding at Kahala Beach on November 4th, 2012. Photos by ROBERT.

16.10 | 18:19

Kailua Beach gives us wonderful pictures because of the best ocean color. This is a great wedding location to consider for your Hawaii destination.

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